Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The last week.....

Well this is my last week. Probably my last opportunity to write and it's really crazy to think about. It seems like the time has flown by way to quickly and I can't believe that it's coming to an end.
Yesterday was my last leadership meeting. President Dennis had me give the "last prayer" and they had us stand up and they gave thanks to those who are finishing. It's normal to do but its weird that I was one this time.
Today was my last district meeting and I gave my "last testimony" to the zone. It was crazy to think of all the ones I had seen but at the same time I didn't have any idea what to say. Now we are having our last times eating in each house and we are saying good bye to everyone. It's going to be crazy to see what we can do to finish well.
The Zone is doing well. We are really close to our goal and we did well last month also. I kinda wish I could see us go and get it all done in March. Or in other words kind wish I wasn't going home.
I don't have to much else to say. Oh but they cut our electricity at the house cause we never got the bill to pay so we forgot to go and pay. So they cut us on Friday and we don't know how to pay it without the bill. so we will try and get that figured out soon. In the morning it's fine cause the sun is up but at night it is horrible. It gives me a head ache to write by candle light for so long as I'm on the phone with the rest of the zone. But I guess that's life right?
Well I guess I'll see what i can do to keep in touch with everyone and if I write next week.

Elder Moore

Monday, January 26, 2015

January is almost done?

So this month has flown by really quickly. The last Sunday in January has already gone by. We track our goals on Sundays. So for us, it's already time to work on February goals which is weird because well...I'm going home in February. But either way it's been super crazy. We got pretty close to the Zone goals that we had but we couldn't quite get them. We got really close though. I felt pretty good about my effort and I felt like all that we were really lacking was the commitment and excitement a few of the other missionaries. Some worked super great but some didn't seem too worried about it. But I guess it's like that in life. But things really did go great.
We had a baptism this week and the other Elders in our ward had a family get baptized at the same time. The mom of that family chose me to baptize her and our baptism also chose me.So I got to baptize two people. It was pretty cool. We ended up having 9 people dressed in white that night. It was really great. I am trying to send pictures but this computer doesn't cooperate. Other than that I feel pretty good about everything.
It's really weird that today is my last full p'day cause next week is the leadership council and the following week are the transfers. But I guess time flies. It's also weird cause we had our district meeting today in the morning cause tomorrow I go to Guayaquil for a work training. It's for me to look at my plans for work and school after the mission. Crazy. But we will try and make the most of these last few weeks.
Oh and I got a cold the other day that had me dead. I had a fever and everything but I am pretty much over it know. I just gotta keep drinking plenty of liquids and I'll be fine.

Elder Moore

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Birthday in Salinas

So this week was pretty normal. We had an intercambio (splits) and it was my birthday. That's pretty much all the news we got. For my birthday we bought cheesecake at an American restaurant here in Salinas. Worth it. Super great. We sang that night but that was about it. 
Today we played soccer as a zone and me and Elder Borg were just messing around. I had fun and even got a couple "sick" goals.
But yeah things are pretty normal right now. We are just looking to finish strong and do everything that we can to fill the goal this month. We are super close and there are a couple possibilities. I want to finish strong that's for sure. But this week we are going to have a great baptism of a girl that is super excited. She even has family coming for Guayaquil to see it. She's seriously such a great example to her family. 

Elder Moore

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Good Week

So this was the first "full week" in a while so I wasn't sure how it would go for us. But it went great. We are doing really well. We nearly tripled the baptismal dates in the zone and had the most in church for a while. We are steadily growing and I'm glad. We need to press it a bit harder to fulfill the goal for January but I know we can. It's also great because we start off February with a lot of success also. I'm excited to see what we can all do.
We got a great reference of a family from Chicago. They are Bears Fans. That's an issue.ha ha But no really they are great. They came to church and everything. I totally can see the baptism every Saturday for my last 3 weeks getting fulfilled. I'm really excited. But really I'm just pumped to keep on working.
Today we went to the Chocolatera and to the Loberia. It's the western most point of the Ecuadorian coast and it has lots of Sea Lions. So we saw that. Lots of great pictures and videos of surfers too. I got sunburned but it was worth it. I do want to get home tan right?
But things really are going super well and I'm excited to see what else we can do. We are starting to work with the members a lot more and the Bishop is totally helping us a lot more now.

Elder Moore

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and a New/Old Companion

Well last Monday we got a little surprise. Just after buying everything my comp got called and he had transfers. So off he went to Guayaquil. I spent the day with Elder Borg cause his comp also had transfers. Then on Tuesday our new companions got here. My New Comp is my old comp. Elder Delgado! He was with me in the office all 5 months. So we already know each other pretty well. It's just getting to work. So I'm glad about that.
Then we had a busy week. We had some interviews to do and we were traveling alot. I thought I lost my pen-drive for a bit but then I got it back. Just a hectic week. But I'm just glad that we are working really hard and getting everything done that we can.
We passed New Years in the house. We played Monopoly again but this time I almost won. I might have cheated a bit but not much. haha but everyone was cheating I was just the best at hiding it. I get that from my dad.
But things are going pretty well. We had a leadership meeting today so we had to get up early and go to Guayaquil. It was pretty good but President had some of us stand up if we were going to finish the mission soon. It was weird that I was one of them...
But Salinas is super crazy for new years. Seriously it's the vacation spot for all the people from Guayaquil. So it was packed everything and the taxis were more expensive but it was pretty cool to see.

Elder Moore

Monday, December 29, 2014


So the highlight of the week was definitely talking to the family on the 26th. It was crazy to think that that was my last call home and that I'll be home in a month and a half. But either way I gotta keep working and enjoying everything that I can.
We spent Christmas in the house and we played Monopoly and Uno. just like last year. And then we got permission to watch Frozen. It was pretty good. I'm not crazy about it but I did enjoy it. Then we spent the rest of the day in the house and relaxing. I did enjoy not having to shave and seeing how much of a beard I could grow out. It's not a lot but I feel good with it ha ha. I shaved it on Friday.
My companion is "trunky" for sure. But I know that things will get better cause next week are transfers and I am 100% sure that he will get transferred. But now I just gotta make sure that we have program for January.
We are visiting this great family who have listened to the Jehovahs Witnesses for a while. They are really excited to learn and are super smart. The dad has come to church 2 times which has shocked the mom but she hasn't come yet. We are going to keep working with them to see what we can do to help them.
We are also visiting a lady who is super great. Her son is a member and she nearly got baptized with Elder Mejia and Elder Hernandez over a year ago but she was studying and now shes not. She's just excited and has gotten her answer already.
I know that there are alot more people out there waiting for us we just gotta go and find them.
Well New Years will be just like Christmas. Locked in. But it's going to be nice to just relax.
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and had a Merry Christmas!

Elder Moore

Monday, December 8, 2014

A trip to Quayaquil

So this week we did something kinda weird. We did an intercambio (splits) with some other missionaries and then when it ended my comp just told me. "Alright, lets go." And I said "Cool where is our first appointment?" He replied "Guayaquil." We had to go into Guayaquil, 3 hours of travel, to talk to president. Then the assistants came back to Santa Elena with us and got a missionary and that missionary had emergency transfers. And up to this moment I have no idea why. I'm really confused and just well... confused.
In my city there are 4 missionaries. All 4 live in our apartment. In the entire Peninsula there are 16 but we are pretty spread apart.
So this week has been weird but its been great to talk about the He is the Gift project. They use the word Dadiva in Spanish, which is a word that no one knows. So then we can start up the conversation more. But either way things are going pretty well for everyone. We just gotta keep on working.
We've gotta keep our heads up and keep doing all that we can to work. We are finding new people and doing our best no matter what.
We saw part of the devotional last night but not all of it cause they lost internet before and so we had to watch the rebroadcast and so we couldn't stay the whole 2 hours. We just saw the first hour. But really Elder Christofferson was super great.
Super sick about the new cousins children. I like the names and bet that they are going to be great. I'm excited to meet them and see everyone again.
Sorry I don't have much time today.
I'm just trying to keep working and not be trunky even if I have my flight plans now.

Elder Moore