Monday, January 12, 2015

A Good Week

So this was the first "full week" in a while so I wasn't sure how it would go for us. But it went great. We are doing really well. We nearly tripled the baptismal dates in the zone and had the most in church for a while. We are steadily growing and I'm glad. We need to press it a bit harder to fulfill the goal for January but I know we can. It's also great because we start off February with a lot of success also. I'm excited to see what we can all do.
We got a great reference of a family from Chicago. They are Bears Fans. That's an issue.ha ha But no really they are great. They came to church and everything. I totally can see the baptism every Saturday for my last 3 weeks getting fulfilled. I'm really excited. But really I'm just pumped to keep on working.
Today we went to the Chocolatera and to the Loberia. It's the western most point of the Ecuadorian coast and it has lots of Sea Lions. So we saw that. Lots of great pictures and videos of surfers too. I got sunburned but it was worth it. I do want to get home tan right?
But things really are going super well and I'm excited to see what else we can do. We are starting to work with the members a lot more and the Bishop is totally helping us a lot more now.

Elder Moore

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