Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and a New/Old Companion

Well last Monday we got a little surprise. Just after buying everything my comp got called and he had transfers. So off he went to Guayaquil. I spent the day with Elder Borg cause his comp also had transfers. Then on Tuesday our new companions got here. My New Comp is my old comp. Elder Delgado! He was with me in the office all 5 months. So we already know each other pretty well. It's just getting to work. So I'm glad about that.
Then we had a busy week. We had some interviews to do and we were traveling alot. I thought I lost my pen-drive for a bit but then I got it back. Just a hectic week. But I'm just glad that we are working really hard and getting everything done that we can.
We passed New Years in the house. We played Monopoly again but this time I almost won. I might have cheated a bit but not much. haha but everyone was cheating I was just the best at hiding it. I get that from my dad.
But things are going pretty well. We had a leadership meeting today so we had to get up early and go to Guayaquil. It was pretty good but President had some of us stand up if we were going to finish the mission soon. It was weird that I was one of them...
But Salinas is super crazy for new years. Seriously it's the vacation spot for all the people from Guayaquil. So it was packed everything and the taxis were more expensive but it was pretty cool to see.

Elder Moore

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