Monday, January 26, 2015

January is almost done?

So this month has flown by really quickly. The last Sunday in January has already gone by. We track our goals on Sundays. So for us, it's already time to work on February goals which is weird because well...I'm going home in February. But either way it's been super crazy. We got pretty close to the Zone goals that we had but we couldn't quite get them. We got really close though. I felt pretty good about my effort and I felt like all that we were really lacking was the commitment and excitement a few of the other missionaries. Some worked super great but some didn't seem too worried about it. But I guess it's like that in life. But things really did go great.
We had a baptism this week and the other Elders in our ward had a family get baptized at the same time. The mom of that family chose me to baptize her and our baptism also chose me.So I got to baptize two people. It was pretty cool. We ended up having 9 people dressed in white that night. It was really great. I am trying to send pictures but this computer doesn't cooperate. Other than that I feel pretty good about everything.
It's really weird that today is my last full p'day cause next week is the leadership council and the following week are the transfers. But I guess time flies. It's also weird cause we had our district meeting today in the morning cause tomorrow I go to Guayaquil for a work training. It's for me to look at my plans for work and school after the mission. Crazy. But we will try and make the most of these last few weeks.
Oh and I got a cold the other day that had me dead. I had a fever and everything but I am pretty much over it know. I just gotta keep drinking plenty of liquids and I'll be fine.

Elder Moore

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