Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The last week.....

Well this is my last week. Probably my last opportunity to write and it's really crazy to think about. It seems like the time has flown by way to quickly and I can't believe that it's coming to an end.
Yesterday was my last leadership meeting. President Dennis had me give the "last prayer" and they had us stand up and they gave thanks to those who are finishing. It's normal to do but its weird that I was one this time.
Today was my last district meeting and I gave my "last testimony" to the zone. It was crazy to think of all the ones I had seen but at the same time I didn't have any idea what to say. Now we are having our last times eating in each house and we are saying good bye to everyone. It's going to be crazy to see what we can do to finish well.
The Zone is doing well. We are really close to our goal and we did well last month also. I kinda wish I could see us go and get it all done in March. Or in other words kind wish I wasn't going home.
I don't have to much else to say. Oh but they cut our electricity at the house cause we never got the bill to pay so we forgot to go and pay. So they cut us on Friday and we don't know how to pay it without the bill. so we will try and get that figured out soon. In the morning it's fine cause the sun is up but at night it is horrible. It gives me a head ache to write by candle light for so long as I'm on the phone with the rest of the zone. But I guess that's life right?
Well I guess I'll see what i can do to keep in touch with everyone and if I write next week.

Elder Moore

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