Monday, December 8, 2014

A trip to Quayaquil

So this week we did something kinda weird. We did an intercambio (splits) with some other missionaries and then when it ended my comp just told me. "Alright, lets go." And I said "Cool where is our first appointment?" He replied "Guayaquil." We had to go into Guayaquil, 3 hours of travel, to talk to president. Then the assistants came back to Santa Elena with us and got a missionary and that missionary had emergency transfers. And up to this moment I have no idea why. I'm really confused and just well... confused.
In my city there are 4 missionaries. All 4 live in our apartment. In the entire Peninsula there are 16 but we are pretty spread apart.
So this week has been weird but its been great to talk about the He is the Gift project. They use the word Dadiva in Spanish, which is a word that no one knows. So then we can start up the conversation more. But either way things are going pretty well for everyone. We just gotta keep on working.
We've gotta keep our heads up and keep doing all that we can to work. We are finding new people and doing our best no matter what.
We saw part of the devotional last night but not all of it cause they lost internet before and so we had to watch the rebroadcast and so we couldn't stay the whole 2 hours. We just saw the first hour. But really Elder Christofferson was super great.
Super sick about the new cousins children. I like the names and bet that they are going to be great. I'm excited to meet them and see everyone again.
Sorry I don't have much time today.
I'm just trying to keep working and not be trunky even if I have my flight plans now.

Elder Moore

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