Monday, December 1, 2014

A new week in a new sector

Well this week went pretty normally. I mean for being in a new sector and everything being new.
I"m writing so late because today was leadership council and we had to travel back. We just got back and are just writing our emails and then we will go back to the house. I liked the council a lot more than I normally do. I feel it was pretty productive.
So this week a member told me that she would make me some turkey for Thanksgiving. So I was excited. On Thanksgiving, she was not home. So i just ended up eating 3 breads from the store. Cost me 30 cents. Then on Friday she invited us over to eat. We got the food and I thought "This doesn't look like Turkey but it is a white meat." So I just said "thanks" and took a picture to remember the day I was supposed to have eaten turkey. It was fish.
Also we did service on Saturday. It was in the sector of the sisters. They had us come because we were going to be "moving sacks" and they didn't think it would be good for the sisters. But we didn't move sacks. We had a pic and a shovel and we dug a hole. Well it was already dug but we made it a bit deeper. But we didn't have gloves. My comps hands blistered bad but mine just got hot spots.
I had the sisters take pictures during the service but the only pictures they took were while it was Elder Galvises turn to dig. So i look lazy but it was just fine. I was working.
Then we had to hurry to our lunch and I ate crab for the first time here and it was sick(good).
Then we had a baptism of this cool little kid. His brother baptized him and his mom and sister were there too. Great family.
Overall I'm just pumped about the new video that the church is doing its called "He is the Gift". So great. It's also on I really enjoy it. We should all see it and share it with everyone that we can.

Elder Moore

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