Monday, November 24, 2014

The beach

Well this week has been way diferent from the past weeks. Well really from all my mission. The only other time I was out of Guayaquil was starting my mission. So I guess its cool to be out of Guayaquil to finish. But it's really so different.
We went "runnning" on the beach the other day. But we are going to need to go more so that it goes better.
Also we had some cool animal experiences this week. Kittens and squirels here the highlight. But also we participated in a cat funeral.
We also played soccer today as a zone and it went pretty great. I didn't play very well but at least I had fun. I'm getting a lot better at not being competitive but just having fun and messing around.
The climate here is so different and I know that it's great. I am able to walk all day and I don't sweat all day like I did in Guayaquil. Even when the sun comes out, which it normally doesn't, the breeze keeps us cool and I feel a lot better. But I don't think it will help me to lose weight. My comp gained alot of weight here and he says I'm going to gain weight too. But so far I haven't seen much of that on my part. I just gotta remind myself to go running and that it's worth it to get up a bit earlier and run. But I'm excited to get some great photos on the beach.
Our sector is huge and the members are great. I just need to use them alot and it will help. We have all of Salinas and it's pretty freaking huge. We gotta plan better so that we can get more lessons in.

Elder Moore

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