Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's go to the beach!

Alright so all this week I was expecting transfers. President had told me a couple weeks ago that he was thinking about it so I figured it would happen. So from Friday to Sunday I took some pictures with some members and investigators. It was kinda tough cause I wasn't sure that I was getting transferred so I didn't want to say a big good bye but I was pretty sure.
When I said good bye to my convert and her son, she started crying and tried to give me a hug. She said I'm always welcome in her home if I can ever come back and she was grateful that we could have taught her the gospel. It was great to see how converted she has come to be. She puts on Facebook things of the church and tells her family members about what she has learned.
We also were able to meet a older guy that is super great and super excited. He accepted a baptismal date super fast and is just super great. He came to church and loved it and his only challenge is his vision. He can't go to church alone cause he can't see but there are lots of members who can go with him.
But sadly I had to leave all of this behind. I got transferred today to Salina, Santa Elena. It's also called the Peninsula. It's the farthest west part of Ecuador (not counting Galapagos) It's all beach and it's got the ocean breeze. I'm excited to see what I can do here. Elder Mejia (my comp last year this time) was here over a year ago and I remember all the great things he told me about it. So I'm excited to be a part of it. The weather here is great and I'm excited to see about the people too. I'm trying to send a photo but the computer doesn't work great. If I cant send it I'm sorry.

Elder Moore

PS my new comp is Elder Galvis from Colombia. He came on his mission pretty much the same time as me and we would be going home together but he will go home a bit early to start studying on time.

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