Monday, November 10, 2014

This Week Was Better

So this week went a lot better than the past few weeks. We started finding some people who really are excited to progress. We didn't have many in church but I know that this week we will be able to commit them to church and we will be strong in our commitments. I'm really pumped.
First of all, we have a new baptismal date. It is the son of our convert. She was baptized on Oct 11. She has been sharing the gospel with her husband, son, nieces and nephews. He came to church out of the blue a few weeks ago but only is in the house on Saturday and Sunday. So we were able to teach him and he's just super great. He's like German from the District 2 videos. He's a gentle giant with a big heart. I'm pumped to see his progress. He is in tune with the Spirit. I am excited even if I'm not here in this sector for his baptism.
We also got some more references and I'm glad that I could find this new people.We had a multi-zone meeting (4 zones) this week where we learned about the importance of bringing Christ and the Atonement and repentance to all people. It helped the whole zone. The zone got 6 baptismal dates after the meeting.
Elder Criddle and I have gained the trust of the ward. (The missionaries before had lost their trust) The Bishop and the ward leadership are totally behind us.
This is Elder Criddle's 12th week so it is probably our last week together. We have had a great time together. I imagine I will be transferred next week.
Also we did an activity with the stake giving things away to kids. It went super great and seriously we found lots of new people. The lady in charge even knows Elder Criddle. She brought him some packages without knowing if she would even end up finding him. I was glad that she came now cause I could get some too. haha

Elder Moore

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