Monday, October 13, 2014

Wow a good week!

This was a great week for us. We ended up having 3 baptisms and a Rescue. It was great cause we have nearly filled all of our goals for this month. We have already exceeded our goal for baptisms. So I'm glad about that. But now I'm a bit worried about November. We are finding new people and helping the ones we have to progress. We have a few people but I'm still concerned.
This week was great cause I've seen lots of cool things from Elder Criddle. He baptized for the first time, confirmed for the first time and gave a talk for the first time all within 24 hours. He was stressed but it came out great.
Today we went to the Igauana park (again) and it was great. This is the first time that the banana thing worked really well. A huge iguana just climbed all over me and nearly kissed me and it was sick. Got some great photos and videos.
Other than that the work is doing great. I am doing great with my comp and things are flowing really really well. Now I feel like I need to give more attention to the zone and help the rest stand up to shine. But either way listening to conference more will help out a bunch.
As for the photos of this week. I haven't had much luck with this computer but I will keep trying.
Oh and today for breakfast I made Patacones. It's a traditional Ecuadorian snack. It's green Platano fried and smushed and fried again. And I had it with cheese. It was pretty good. I was proud of my self.
Also today we had a wrestling match in the house. It was pretty sick. But no one got hurt so that was really good.


Elder Moore

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  1. He sounds like he's doing great. I also loved his picture on Facebook!