Monday, October 20, 2014

A different Vision

So this week we had to look for new people but we didn't have to much success in that. We even had a day looking just for investigators. But then on Saturday night we had our only investigator who is progressing told us that he would be traveling every Sunday and then would move to another part of Ecuador when he finished traveling. I was heartbroken. Then we went to the stake conference and I understood why. We need to make sure we are not just focused on the investigators but also on the less actives. With that I realized that we are having success with the Less actives and that we can do even better there. So we just need to prioritize our time and things will be fine. The Lord will bless us if we just do what he asked us to do. So now im thinking different than last week and I'm excited to keep working on this great work. But truly we have lots of potential this week. We just gotta do it right.
Also I realize that I've been getting "trunky" in some of the little things so I gotta make sure I do it all the right way so that I don't lose the end of my mission. So lots of little changes to be made for a big final result.
I'm glad that I'm able to keep working and that the things are going well but I now know that we cannot just expect things to stay the same but we need to go out and get it.

Elder Moore

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