Monday, October 27, 2014

One cool story and a boring week

Well this week was pretty boring. Really- I didn't do anything that big but it's good. The zone is kinda turning things around but I'm not quite sure what is needed right now. We need to make sure that we can keep everyone focused.
Well this week we did have one cool experience. But it wasn't spiritual or anything. We were walking to Ward Council and on the main street we just see this huge crowd looking at a roof. As we walk closer we see a guy on the roof with a pistol. He's aiming it at another guy and yelling at him to put his hands up. It truly was sick. Obviously we didn't just stick around to just watch but I wanted to. But when we walked on we saw lots of people watching but we never heard shots or anything. The police were there and helping the guy with the gun so I guess he was a cop too. But cool story right?
Other than that things are going pretty slowly. We have some people praying and even fasting to know if they should be and are ready to be baptized so I'm excited to see what we can get out of that.
Also I had an interview with President Dennis and once again, I loved it. I could talk to him all day. He's such a great help. Plus it was cool to talk to the office guys about whats been going on there.
Well everyone write me or e-mail me.

Elder Moore

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