Monday, September 1, 2014

My new hijo

Well this week I got the news that I would be training again. This time it would be different though. I found out that he would be a gringo. So I'm a ZL that is opening a sector and training a gringo. So lots of stress. But the good thing is that my comp is super smart and he will be great as soon as he starts to understand the people more. He already speaks really well. Way better than I did. He just needs to get the ear for it and he will be super great. I'm not too worried,
But we hit the ground running. The ward mission leader showed us around the sector and then we placed 2 dates for the 13th of September. We even have more opportunities but we just gotta keep working.
Our ward had had really low attendence for a while so they had threatened to make it a branch. They said that if there wasn't 100 people at the ward conference then it would be a branch. And we had... 118! So we got saved. It was the highest attendance since like January. So we just gotta keep working and it will keep going up. But don't worry. I am just glad that the ward is ready to work.
So this week I really got to see how many blessing the Lord gives us if we just put our all into the work. I remember getting to the field and feeling horrible for a while but after just trusting in the Lord, I got to understand the language little by little. But overall its just great to see all that happens to give us success. But either way things are going super great.
We had alot of oportunities to do good this week and we were able to do it. I know that the Lord is with us when we put our effort into the work. I know this is His work and that it depends on us on if we want to receive the blessings. I know that this is His church and that is was restored by a prophet. I know that it is currently lead by a prophet and that it will always be led by a prophet.
I'm excited to see what blessing we can receive this week.

Elder Moore

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