Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, today I got transferred. I guess it wasn't a big transfer but it was a transfer. I had to move my luggage to the other room and clean everything up. President is trying something new of having the zone leaders be split up and training new missionaries. So I am going to be training and a zone leader and I will be going to open up the new sector. Fun stuff right? It will be stressful but i guess it's what needs to be done. But I take this as a sign that this is where I am going to die (finish my mission). 6 months left and I'm training and a ZL? yeah I'll be here for a while.
But I felt kinda bummed out this week cause we didn't get the results we wanted but I know that we are super close. Seriously, I just feel like we need to pick up our game a bit more and we will do great.
Well I don't have much time cause the clock is ticking and my hour is almost up but I'm excited to see what we can do this week in my new sector.

Elder Moore

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