Monday, September 8, 2014

Such a Great Week

Seriously this week has been such a great week.
Me and my comp have had some great success as we have lost ourselves in the work and we have found some great people. I don't understand why people tell us that there isn't anyone in this zone cause I see it being super great. We just gotta work and the Lord gives us the rest.
Last Sunday we gave a blessing to a lady that was nearly dead. That same night she had some strange things happen with her health and as a result the problems went away. Seriously on Sunday she couldn't even sit up and on Saturday she came out of her house to greet us. Then she came to church on Sunday and loved it. We have still got to work with her a bit more cause she has problems with a boyfriend that wants to get back together but after a miracle like this I know she will do what is right.
We found more great people as we fasted this week and I know that we are going to have even more success.
I am so glad that I am here and I know that there is nothing better than this. I am truly glad that I gave up my time so that the Lord could bless me and strengthen my testimony. Seriously this is the best 2 years. I think this will probably be the best month of my mission but I am just glad that I have a great companion and a great area. The ward helps us and things are going super duper great.

Elder Moore

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