Monday, September 29, 2014


So this week I'm really thankful for miracles that come from Fasting and Obedience and also for my companion.
All week we had trouble teaching investigators but we found lots of less actives so we took advantage of what was there and we taught them but I was worried about church on Sunday. But then out of nowhere, on Saturday night the assistants asked if they could help us take people to church and I was kinda thinking dang this is going to be embarrassing. But we did it and out of nowhere people came. We had 6 in church and 3 with baptismal dates. So things are picking up big time and I'm super excited to see what is going to happen in the next coming weeks cause conference is just going to make it better.
Elder Criddle is doing super great and seriously is way farther ahead of where the rest of the newbies are. Seriously so much better than I was at that point. So it's a blessing to see that excitement and hard work and dedication. It helps motivate me even more and keeps me working hard. Also he reminds me of the little things that I sometimes have pass by. But seriously its great to work with him.
But I know that things go great when we work hard and trust in the Lord now we just gotta keep focusing on the most important parts and the Lord will bless us even more. Either way we just gotta lose ourselves in the work.
Today I was thinking and I need to stop stressing about stuff that doesn't matter. I am going to start asking myself if this is going to matter in 5 years. Cause if not, it doesn't really matter much. But either way, being happy is the most important part.
Conference this week- it will be great!

Elder Moore

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