Monday, August 18, 2014

A good week in a couple of ways

Well this week we tried to focus on the less actives that have attendance and an interview so we can teach the lessons and they can be Rescued. It was good except for the fact that the investigators kinda ended up slipping through the cracks.
But overall I can see the the zone is picking lot more and that things are going well. One thing that went well was that we were able to meet with 8 when in the past 3 weeks there was a total of 6. So we are doing alot better. But there was a problem and we couldn't finish teaching them. It kinda turned into a bit of a joke at what happened but oh well, things happen.
 But there is a family who is from Italy and knows Elder Payne my good buddy and well, they are teaching us Italian. I even have a copy of "If You could Hie to Kolob" in Italian and we are going to learn it. So that's fun. Also we now have a book of Mormon in Italian so I got a picture with all the different copies of the Book of Mormon that we have in the house. Quechua ( indigenous language in Ecuador), Italian, English and Spanish. I am pretty much fluent in them all. ha ha
But overall things are good. Yesterday was my comps bday so we celebrated in pretty much every single visit we did. It was cool. Lots of cake and sweets. Then at the apartment we celebrated with the other Elders. Oh but in all reality things are going well but I just can't think of too much out of the norm things that happened this week.
Oh except the fact that we have a favorite taco shop in our sector. There isn't much Mexican food here so it's great to find one. It's called "Jesu Cristo El Rey" And it's great. The guy lived in LA for a while and so he learned to make them there. The Assistants came with us to get it one time. It was good.

Elder Moore

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