Monday, August 11, 2014

El Selado

Well I have a little bit to get you caught up on.

Last Saturday I went to the Iguana Park to try and get a good photo of the iguanas climbing on me. But alas we go there just after they finished eating and so we got no photo. I was kinda bummed but it was all good.

Then on Sunday i was able to go do interviews in the other wards. I had served in Prosperina and got to see lots of converts and members and it was great. I even got a picture with a convert and his certificate of getting the Aaronic priesthood.
Then on Wednesday I went and did splits with Elder Serrano the Zone leader and I really enjoyed it. We had to go to Playas to do some interviews and we had two 2 hours bus rides to sit and talk. He is going to come to the US to play football (American) and try and be a doctor. He's super great and speaks English so I said he can crash at my house if he wants.
Then on Thursday, the assistant walked into my room as I studied and he told me that I was getting transferred in the afternoon. So I had to go and get everything ready and then I went to the office. We had a last lunch and President Dennis thanked me for all the work I've done. He was great. And then I went to the Terminal. But I actually just went to find my comp because he is here in Guayaquil. So there I met up with Elder Leiva from Chile. He's super great and I'm excited to work with him. We are Zone Leaders in El Salado. It's a zone that is picking up speed and has lots of potential. I'm super excited to see what we can do.
Today I went to the Iguana Park again cause Elder Leiva didn't know about it. I did get a good photo of one getting on me and it was cool. But I'm really pretty excited to see what I can do in the future here in this zone.
PS: the people here in this sector are crazy but in a funny way. The women are crazy. They try and give me their phone numbers and they say things as I walk by. So great confidence boost right? Either way it's a great story.

Elder Moore

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