Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6 months!

So I am now 25% done with the mission. Crazy to think that it is going by so fast. It fells like I just left. I can tell that I have changed alot in the last six months and that I still have alot to change for the next 18.
This week was alot better. I did get to do an intercambio con Elder Palacios. Hes from Peru but is pretty much fluent in English and has a bit of an Australian Accent cause of his old comp. Hes really cool and we get along super great.
Oh random fact. The main moving company here (like U-Haul) is named UTAH. I always forget what it stands for but I always laugh when I see a truck.
Heres a few pictures of me at the mall, Me with my scipture cover, and me with some Pony Malta. Pony Malta is the wierdest thing. I didnt like it at first but its grown on me. Its made of Barley and supposedly tastes like beer but its nonalcoholic and has been oked with the mission office. Its really good for an energy boost.
Oh and there is another Elder Moore coming in November. I'm pretty bumbed. He's from Washington is what the Office said. They think its funny that we will have "more Elder Moores". But of course they say it in spanish.
Everyone should keep me updated and send me awesome emails and letters haha.

Elder Moore

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