Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm a papi!

So the big news for this week was the fact that there were surprise transfers. The new people came on Wednesday and so we had transfers Tuesday. Elder Alay got transfered and I was informed that I will train. So Tuesday I had a short intercambio with another elder that is training as we waited for our "hijos" to come. He was really cool. Overall it was really good.

Then on Wednesday we all went to the chapel to get our new comps. Elder Johnson and Hermana Campbell from my CCM group are also training. Elder Paredes was there too. So it was cool to see a lot of friendly faces. We got our comps shortly afterward. I'm with Elder Arias from Peru. So my Papi was peruano. My second comp was peruano and my hijo is peruano. So I am peruano. So training is going pretty good. It's really weird cause he is in all reality a new convert he has 1 year in the church. So I'm teaching him the norms of the church a we are going along but its all really good.

We also had the wedding of Melva and Pedro. It was really cool cause we got permission to go. It was actually the first wedding I have ever seen. So that was pretty cool. And now Melva is getting baptized this Saturday. So things are really awesome with them.

We have 4 people preparing for Saturday but I think only 2 are sure. The other 2 have issues with permission from the parents. But overall, I think we might fill the goal of the month.

I am really happy right now. Things are so much better right now. I feel like everything is progressing and we are finding more people and they are listening more and just things are great. I am just super pumped for how things are going. I have the goal that Elder Arias can have at least 9 baptisms in his 12 weeks. We will be starting early and I want to keep on going through all of it.

My brain is starting to be in spanish more and more. Writing this letter I have to remind myself the words of some phrases in english. But that's my goal right now to have all of these things in my mind in spanish.
Elder Moore

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