Monday, July 1, 2013

OOOOOeste! (West Mission)

So this week has been pretty cool. We had a zone conference on saturday that was pretty much a final farewell to Pres. Amaya. Elder Paredes is pretty bumbed to not be working with him. I think he would have chosen to be north but hes got a great attitude about being in the West. We havent met Pres. Dennis yet. But fun news, we will now have 8 missionaries in my ward... 8. The secretaries and assistants will be in our ward because it is the closest to the mission office which is in front of the temple and we are the border of the north and west missions. So hopefully the ward really gets some references going fast.
Today was a active P-Day. We got premision to go to the Iguana Park in centro. IT was really cool. There are just iguanas walking around and some turtles and some fish too. Its also infront of a really old catholic cathedral. So i got some cool pictures.
We then went to the mall and i got me a new bag cause my 9 dollar bag just isnt cutting it. I got the "mission" bag its a bag that everybody has cause its the perfect size to get everything in there. I got a goldish yellow one. I was really excited cause i saw Elder Brady there. Sad to find out he got transfered the next day to the North Mission. So it looks like its me, Costello and Johnson that are "going west."
I also put on here some pictures of my apartment.
Things really are going pretty well though. We have the problem of people who want to be baptized but arent in our ward. So we get to figure that out. They come on Sundays to visit family but live elsewhere. They are pretty cool though.
It looks like we will be getting everyone ready for the 13th. We should be busy with that and we could fill the goal really pretty fast.
This past week i got letters though! The other elders where joking that i was getting too many. I got 8 letters and a package. So thank you, Paula, Alex, Mom, Kelsi and Kacie. It was really great to hear from everyone. So i went to try and look into sending letters back. Turns out it is crazy expensive. The lady told me it would be 30-40 dollars for one letter. So im going to ask around for the best way to send them back. But im trying!
My main trail right now is just that i feel we waste too much time. We get home late and some times i feel we should be doing more. So im working on that right now. But i know that everything will work out just fine.

Elder Moore

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