Monday, June 24, 2013


Well first of all the new sector. It is huge. No joke. Its probably the largest in the mission and i think its one of the most diverse. We have the poor, the normal and the rich. And by rich i mean go on trip to Europe, have a maid, iPhone 5, the whole thing. Our sector is so big that our Ward Mission leader lives 30+ minutes away in a car. So that's really fun. But our ward is really great. Everyone is super involved and they actually have about a 50% attendance each week. When we first got here we talked to the ward missionaries. They showed us to some people that they have been teaching and we are readying them for baptism. So we are getting going real quick.
Random Fact: The little dogs that the rich members have dont like me. But all the other dogs do.
Oh and funny story that i forgot to tell last week. There was a 15 year old kid in Buenaventura that thought i was 30. The next day a lady asked me how life was in Colombia. So i guess i now look like a 30 year old Columbian.
We are working a bunch with the members right now. Which is good cause in the rich parts we cant tract. You cant enter their complex without an appointment. So the members are really helping us with that.
We have been getting a bit lost in our sector. One day we took to bus too far and thought we ended up in the south mission. (we didnt) But its really funny to try and find our way around right now but its annoying cause we are wasting time. One day we got lost 3 different times and each for about 45 minutes. So yeah. Its really testing my directional skills when everything looks the same and i dont actually know where our destination is supposed to be.
My companion is Elder Paredes from Peru. Hes from closer to Cusco. Hes really cool. We get along great and crack jokes and things are going well. He looks like Elder D Todd Cristopherson. No joke. I didnt see it at first but then one of the ward missionaries said it and i totally see it. Hes got a great love of the scriptures so we use those so much more now. Im glad that cause that is somehting i felt we lacked before.
The Training was cool to watch. I had trouble staying awake cause they had all the lights off so i couldnt take notes and its still tough to focus on such fast spanish for 2 hours. But it really was good. The videos were really cool.
Today we went and tried to visit the temple. But found out its is closed all day on Mondays. Same with the Distribution Center. So we just went to the store across from the temple and i bought some cases for my LDM, Himnario and Agenda.
Heres a quick picture of us.
Things are going good though. I'm excited for the mission split. But at the same time sad to leave the elders and Buena Fe behind.

Elder Moore

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