Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We even have a hymn!

So the West is Best. No doubt about it. We had a meeting on Wednesday to meet Pres. Dennis and his family. He´s from Mexico but lived in Utah so they speak English. We also found out what parts of the south are coming to the west. But we also got to see that we now have a flag of the mission (Ecuador Flag with the mission name and el lema) and a mission hymn. So we are all super pumped about it. There is a huge emphasis on endure to the end. This is what i love! Converts not Baptisms. So I was pumped. We also now have no limits on the Coca-Cola we can drink. That made a bunch of elders really happy. Right now we have 132 missionaries but in August, September and October we will get 72 more. So we will be ready to go.
Things are going pretty well this week. We worked with the elders from the office a bit more and i loved it. Elder Rodriguez was in Quevedo with me and hes now a assistant so we had a good reunion. Also another elder is from my CCM Group but he was in colombia so i dont know him well. I am excited for the work that the 6 of us will do in the sector.

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