Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

I am in shock. I seriously couldnt believe it when I read about Annie's death.

I really dont know what to say. I am still processing what has happened. I always thought i would be able to joke with Annie when i got back. Wow. I told Pres. Dennis in the weekly email and i will see what happens with that. All my complaints from the week seem so small right now.


So first of all Im glad to say that there is a rule change in the mission. We can now email friends and converts! So everyone should e-mail me at It would be super cool.
Ive been pretty discouraged this week cause it looks like we wont have any baptisms this month. Everyone is falling through. We have an investigator who wants to be baptized and serve a mission, but she wants to wait till her family can come and they arent coming till August. And everyone else has big challenges like drugs, alcohol or need to be married. So I am really struggling. But working with Elder Sanchez on Sunday was really cool. He is from my group and is working in the Office. So teaching with him was great. We get along really well and are always joking around.
Im really having a hard time focusing today but I was glad to talk to Elder Brady at CityMall today. I really wish that he was in the West Mission. But i guess there is a reason for everything.
Oh but the other day i saw the greatest thing. We were in the car with the Ward Mission leader and when i saw it in the street i was so excited that he stopped the car and thought somehting had happened. It was a t-shirt that had the old Big Blue Utah State logo! But it had been photoshoped to say "Barcelona" instead of Utah State. Barcelona uses a Bull for their logo. So it was the greatest shirt I have seen here and pretty sure it breaks some sort of law but really cool.

Elder Moore

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