Monday, July 15, 2013


So today was transfers. I had had a feeling all week that I was going to get transfered. But I didnt really want to be transfered. Well Sunday night the phone rang. The assistants called to tell us that Elder Paredes was being transfered. So I was feeling the wrong person being transfered haha. But today we went and transfered. My new companion is Elder Alay. Hes from La Paz, Bolivia. Hes really chill. But really good with the rules. He served the in South Mission before. I dont know the names of the zones that got moved from there but they lost 3 to West and 2 to North. But what mission we were in a month ago doesnt matter now. All that matters is the work we do here. So we are getting everything going again.
This week will be the baptism of Carolina. Im excited to be here for that. She is really excited and we were just waiting on a good time for her family to be able to come. But it will be this saturday.
We did have trouble with contacting though. We didnt really do it very often and the people just werent interested in listening. But we did find a few really cool investigators. Hopefully they stay interested and are willing to take the steps necessary to change their lives.
We are going to have a really big Guayaquilanian party on the 25th and hopefully we can get the investigadores to go and meet the members.

I put on some pictures with Elder Paredes the night before he transfered and of my new 1 dollar mug (following my father.)

Elder Moore
Elder Moore and Elder Paredes

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