Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's A Miracle!

It was a miracle! We have had one investigator ready for baptism for over a month but she has wanted to wait for her parents to come to town. But they never can. We had a miracle of the ZL getting her to agree to be baptized last week. But then on Thursday she had some issues and it looked like it was going to get postponed another week. But on Saturday at about 1 she called and told us she wanted to be baptized today or Sunday if it was possible. So we got to planning and we got the baptism. It was cool cause she is the first investigator to specifically ask that I baptize them. The other have just been that they didn't care so we took turns. But she said she wanted me to do it. It was really cool.

This was a much needed miracle. Cause before this, I was kinda miserable. I was mad and annoyed with a bunch of little stuff. But this really helped me to be in a better mood and really get stuff done.

We did have our "fiesta de guayaquil" this week. It went really well. We got about 16 references and there were about 300 people that came. We had a bit of the miracle of the food going on. They ran out of Chicken pretty fast so by the time we got there there was only rice and pork (we cant eat pork) so we had some good hills of rice for lunch that day haha. 

I do love working with Elder Sanchez and Elder Murillo on Sundays. They are great guys and are working in the office. Also its never a bad idea to be great friends with the financiero y materiales. So that has been nice. They are great elders though. 

Oh and Sunday the family of our baptism had a lunch to celebrate. So we had some great food there. First time in a while that i have had trouble finishing my food. haha That's what one of the pictures is of. All the people at the "party"

Elder Moore

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