Monday, November 3, 2014

Two interesting referrals

This week nothing really big happened. We seriously just did the same thing as always but it's ok. We are just looking for more people cause we don't have too many that are taking the big steps that they need to take.
Oh but this week we got a reference of a girl who works in an Evangelical church. She is pretty cool actually. She is super "dolly" (looking for a boyfriend to take her to the USA) but she reads what we leave her and has great questions. So I'm not stressing. But we have to drop her cause she can't to go church cause she studies on Sunday mornings.
Also we got a reference for a guy who is preparing to be a Catholic Priest. He was actually really cool and humble and respectful but still firm in what he believes and doesn't want to change. We are just going to leave him a Book of Mormon so that he can at least pray and get to know the answer for himself.
We also taught a less active that told us "I don't want to know if this is true" and then told us "The Book of Mormon has no importance to me at all". So that was kinda tough to hear. But I guess the day will come when she opens her heart up more.
But we just keep our heads up and keep doing what is right.
Also I got a nasty cold this week but I'm getting over it. They colds here last like 3 days at most but are strong. But it's going around. There are lots of members that have it too. But all good.
Also today we went to Wingers to eat unlimited wings. But they told us that it was only on Wednesday and Saturday. But I don't know if I believe them cause they treated us really poorly. I did not like the service. But at least the ribs I ate were pretty good.
Well other than that nothing to big happened. We had a small ward activity were I showed my family history work and that it goes back to Adam and Eve and also to Thor and also the Jesus Christ. So that surprised the members. I'm grateful for my grandparents an other relatives that have done so much there.

Elder Moore

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