Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interviews and nearly a baptism (again)

This week had its ups and its downs. But overall I'm excited cause this coming week I should be getting the transfer call. I wanted to finish strong in the sector but we had some problems this week. First of all it was interview week. That means that all the missionaries had to get interviewed so we didn't get out very much. We still got out at night but not that much more. It was tough.

But we nearly had a baptism this week. The girl was even excited but her aunt who is a member got mad and kept her from getting interviewed. So that is not what we wanted but I'm not sure what to do there. I feel like in the office we do a great job of creating eternal investigators because we can't do enough followup. But that will end soon cause I'm leaving so we can do lots more followup.
This week we went running. I only went one day but I'm going to try and go more often. It was a two mile run overall but I didn't run all of it. But it was a good workout to at least start with. They said they tried to start too fast. But I guess that is ok.
We are doing fairly well in the companionship but I'm still pumped to get out to the field. Who knows where I'm going but it should be fairly great. I'm excited (in case I hadn't said it before ha ha). But there isn't too much that happened this week. Just interviews and trying to get the baptism sured up. He have a solid program but we can't get out enough to do what needs to be done.

Elder Moore

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