Sunday, July 27, 2014

Parque Historico

So this week we had a few investigators that have baptismal dates (kinda). No one is super sure. The one who is most excited is a referral and we don't know where he lives yet or if his parents are cool with it. He's 16 and super smart but it all depends. Another seemed excited but started to put up excuses and the last just kinda never seems excited but is pretty happy about a lot of it. So who knows what will happen with everyone. I probably won't be here to do it.
Today we went to the historic park of Guayaquil. It was pretty cool and definitely worth seeing. It's free and has lots of animals and birds that are from Guayaquil and it has the plants and a replica of old Guayaquil. So that was really cool to be able to see. I heard that they ask for donations but I never saw anything to ask for them. But there was a great variety of things to see and I got some cool pictures for the future. It was kinda busy but not too bad.
The 25th is Guayaquil's foundation day. So everyone was drunk or not home. So that is the general holiday theme here in Ecuador - get drunk  haha. But it was cool to see. The ward had an activity today but we couldn't get to it cause it was at a weird hour for us. 
Me and Elder Barth are getting along great. We even made Pineapple juice one day and Orange Juice another day. We end up just sitting and talking all day and at night we just relax. It's pretty great. He reminds me alot of Spiffy. So that's pretty fun. 
Seriously this week was pretty busy but at the same time super lame. Also on Sunday I helped them repair the water pump so I got up in the roof of the church again. 
Other than that we just keep trying to get out to work. We have potential but not enough time. But the Zone Leaders are really helping us out a lot more now and it makes me more excited to get out in the field. Who knows when I will leave the office but either way we should have success. 

Elder Moore

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