Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Mission Anniversary

This week we had big stress come up but it was a nice stress. It was the mission anniversary. Tuesday we had the entire mission together to celebrate our missions birthday. It's 1 year old! It was lots of stress for the office and Presidente and Sister Dennis and the assistants. Monday everyone came from outside of Guayaquil and Tuesday we hosted everyone in the church but we had to do it quickly. Then we took a mission picture and then we heard some Stake Presidents talk. Very enjoyable. Also we were able to see what each zone prepared. Some were really funny, some were spiritual and cool, and some were just strange. But overall, they all took more time than they should have. So then we had to run and finish everything in time for the missionaries to take the bus so they could make their temple session. They made it and we stayed and cleaned the chapel.
That night we had them sandwiches and I saw a friend from the MTC who was originally in the South Mission but in the West since it was created. She is finishing her mission. Yup sister from the MTC are now finishing their missions. That is wierd.
The next day we got up early and got everything ready to send them off. Then for lunch, President gave us (office missionaries) lunch at an all you can eat place. There aren't many of those so it was great. The food was decent but all you can eat is always enjoyable.
That afternoon we were able to get out and work in the field much earlier than normal. We enjoyed it even if our baptismal date for this week fell though cause his aunt gave him coffee and she's a member too. So that was a bummer.
Thursday and Friday everything got backed up in the office and we were not able to get out. But overall things are going great and I'm enjoying the work.

Elder Moore

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