Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well this week was pretty good we didn't have too much happen but at the same time we had a lot happen. It was Elder Delgado's birthday so we celebrated that but in like 3 different days. But overall it was enjoyable. He even bit the cake and President pushed his face in a bit. funny stuff.
Also cool story in the August Liahona, there is a story for the youth called Banana Bread Missionaries, and it is about a ward here in our mission, and in the Stake that I am in and have been in for soo long. Also the bishop works with the mission a lot so I know him really well. The go contacting with all the members and the missionaries and they give out banana bread and they get lots or references and there are soo many converts through it. And as District Leader and as Zone leader I have helped out with it. And last week I even got some of the same banana bread. So there's a photo of me eating it on here.
I did lots of interviews this week and had some people want me to baptize them but alas I couldn't but now we just need to do the same in our sector.
Today we went to the Temple so that Elder Delgado could do his Grandpas work. We did each ordinance today. 8 am to 1:30 pm that includes lunch in the cafeteria. But it was super great to do everything. We even helped with confirmations cause they were short on priesthood holders in one ward.
New missionaries come this week and it will be stressful cause that means that missionaries die (leave) too and I have to take them to the airport at 3 :30 in the morning but oh well. It's all good right?

Elder Moore

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