Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good Week

Sat June 28

This week we had a few things happen.
We had a group of missionaries finish their mission and go home- including the Assistant and the Materials Secretary. So the office is different now. But that's fun to have new people too.
We also had the Financial Secretary and the old Materials Secretary get a cool baptism. Everyone in the office went with investigators to support them.
We also enjoyed seeing the lighthouse the other day. It's a big tourist spot and I had never been so we went by the other day.
Also I got my package with the game day shirt from Utah State- that was a surprise. I was pretty happy about that.
We had to go on a trip to Playas to do an audit. But it was cool. 2 hours there. 2 hours back and 3 hours in the office to look through names. Fun stuff right?
Also we had an Elder go home for a bit for medical junk but he is excited to come back soon. Because of that I got back to the house at 6:30 am today after leaving the house at 4:30 am to take care of it. So running on little sleep.
The World cup has a huge effect still even though Ecuador is out. But it will be cool to see who wins. I say Holland (Netherlands) or Columbia.

Elder Moore

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