Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Good News

So on Sunday night we got to the house and the Assistants told me the good news. The new secretary was coming the next day. So on Monday, Elder Barth came in. He is from upstate New York and we get along great. He is also the tallest missionary in our mission. Hes like 6´6". So I have been training him to be the new secretary but I should only be here for a week or two more cause president said he wants me to be in the field to replace an Elder so we will see what happens.
I'm pretty excited to get out of the office. Also I'm glad cause I think we are going to finish my time here strong but it all depends on the Agency of the people.
But this week the new missionaries came and the old missionaries died (went home). It was pretty enjoyable to see and fun to train. On Monday night I got like 3 hours of sleep (if that) so I was running on empty for a bit but now it's going a lot better.
Highlight of the week was hearing one of the new elders talk about his pigeons. He races pigeons and talks about them quite a bit. Also he is buddies with President Monson's son cause the Monson family races pigeons too. He even has some fun stories about President Monson. Overall, hilarious.
Other than that the week has been pretty chill. I am just getting more and more excited to get out in the field. President says it looks like I'll be a Zone Leader again but it all depends on what he wants. I am just excited to get out there again.

Elder Moore

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