Saturday, June 21, 2014

We went to the temple!

So first of all the highlight of my day was that we got permision to go to the Temple this morning. We went cause Elder Rodriguez and Elder Hernandez are going home on Monday. So we went as the office and I really enjoyed it. It was pretty great. I got alot of revelation about what I need to be doing and who I need to work with. I am excited to see what I can do. It was also fun cause I saw an former Zone Leader from Quito that was in the session as a surprise.
The World Cup was the big news this week. They lost to Switzerland and then they beat Honduras so it all depends on what happens against France. France is extremely good so I am kinda scared. They should have tied against Switzerland but they lost cause the other team got a goal as time expired. I heard that it was pretty crazy to watch.
We are trying to get some great work done right now but we have a few that are finishing the mission this week so we had to deal with that. But the good news is that I was able to help Elder Hernandez and Elder Murillo have a baptism today. She is a great lady and i was honored to do the interview. Elder Hernandez goes home on Monday so he really needed it. And Elder Murillo has been in the office for over a year and hasn't had many baptisms in that time either so it's a great boost for both.
The new Assistant came and I'm excited. I get along with him well and so it should be great. Also the new materials secretary came and it's an elder that I have been with on and off for about a year so I already imagine how that is going to go.
Overall things are well and I have 4 months in the office and I'm getting hungry to go and work in the field like a normal missionary. But we will see when that happens.

Elder Moore

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