Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catching up

Anyway. This week was pretty calm. We got out to the sector a bit more and we have a Less Active family that wants to get sealed but I think they are scared to talk to the bishop. So we are going to keep on working with them so that they can take those big steps. Their neighbor is an investigator who I think will really progress. The only problem is that he works until like 8:30 so we don't get much time with him. But he's excited when we see him and he wants to have us go to Ventanas to visit his family. We can't do that but it shows he is happy right?
We also finally got back to a girl who really can progress. She was ready for church the other week but the members didn't embrace her and she doesn't know where the church is. So we are going to make sure that she gets to know the church as soon as possible. I am excited to see what happens. She even accepted a baptismal date.
Today is an activity in the ward for Fathers day so that should be pretty cool.

Things are going great and the World Cup has started so the work will get harder for a bit.

Elder Moore

PS everyone has to watch the Ecuador game tomorrow. It is at like 10 am. So watch and cheer for me. I can't.

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