Sunday, June 8, 2014

Apostle?! No

So Elder Oaks was supposed to have come today. But last night we got a call about the fact that the plane had problems and they had to stop somewhere else to fix it and they wouldn't get here in time. So we did it with Elder Waddell who came in February. I was super mad at first but then Elder Waddell explained that it was Gods plan that Elder Oaks didn't come and he knew before we were born that he would plan the meeting with the 3 missions but he wouldn't go. SO it was awesome. I loved it.
I got to be with everyone from my group for the first time in a year and maybe the last time ever. I loved it so much. But its weird to see what type of missionary each of us has come to be. But it's great. Oh and Elder Gray will come live with us after the mission. He's from Australia and is awesome.
I have pictures but the camera doesn't want to upload them but in the conference all three Presidents and their wives talked and and Area Seventy and Elder Waddell. SO it was great. I also got a photo with the people from Quevedo and with President Amaya. I was super happy afterwards.
Overall, we couldn't work to much and our baptism moved to Manabi for a while but the conference really has me really excited to keep going and keep working.
There were also a few missionaries that finished their mission this week and it was interesting to see the caliber of missionaries they came to be. Elder Waddell told us that the way to measure your success as a missionary isn't by the baptisms you have but the person you are as you step off the plane. So I'm super excited to keep working to be a better person so that I can be the person that the Lord wants me to be.

Elder Moore

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