Sunday, June 1, 2014

Busy Week

Alright so this week I took a few good photos. One is me and Elder Moore. I am not quite sure which one is me. haha. The other is at the mustache restaurant from last week. They had a mural of the Beatles and they had some good staches there. And the other is me and Elder Rodriguez at a place that we ate at today that sells great Encebollado. It's a "soupish" type of thing with Onions (Cebollos) and fish. Its really great. It's the food that Guayaquil is famous for but they only do it in the morning on the weekends.
This week has been going well right now. But it's true that when a companionship talks everything out, they really do better than if they try to just avoid the problem and it sits and steams inside of them until it bursts. I guess that is probably what being married is like to. I suppose there is great importance for a couple inventory so that they can figure out the problems without everyone being mad. Like they say, the companion you are is the spouse you will be. The mission applies to everything.
We couldn't go out too much this week cause of conferences and random visa emergencies and random historical emergencies but this coming week should be better. We have "news" coming to the mission and "olds dying" and returning home this week but after Wednesday we should be home free with all of the office work.
I am excited to see how we can help everyone we have been teaching and working with to progress in these coming days.I got a package this week from my friend Bianca. That was super great of her to send it, it had stuff from St Patricks day and Easter so that was fun to see. Plus lots of sweets to share with everyone. (PS- as I was writing I accidentally wrote sweats at first. That would have completely changed the meaning of that sentence and the package.) So I was super grateful to have gotten that from her.
We had leadership council and a sisters conference this week so things were busy all week but it's fun to see how we can get out and get stuff done when we are done with the office work.

Elder Moore

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