Sunday, May 25, 2014

A much better week

Well I'm doing a lot better this week. I don't know why last week went so badly but everything is going fine now. I am working pretty well with my comp, have more excitement to go and work and overall just doing all that I can too keep on doing what I should.

We have a investigator that is doing super well. She has a couple doubts about if she should keep going just because she feels like she is betraying her old Jehovah's Witness teacher but you can tell she feels like it's true and she lives with her cousin who is a member and it's all going pretty well. She now has a Book of Mormon and I think she will be able to get her answer soon.

Today we went to a cool Mexican restaurant that is all about mustaches. It's a random combo but the food was good and it was a great looking place. .

I am excited to see what adventures await me this week cause I feel like it's going to be crazy. But over all, it is going to be great.

Elder Moore

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