Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well, there is some good news

I'm trying to think positively so the good news is that we found out that an Apostle is going to come to our mission in June. So that will be great. I'm pretty excited about that. They can't say who it will be but I'm still excited.
Today was tough and I just want to relax but we don't have time and I am kinda just sick of being in the office but I guess that happens at times right?
We had zone conferences this week and that was great. There is a way different vision for the mission now. It's even more about how they need to be converted and we are not going to push them into baptism. So that is going to be cool.
I have been fairly busy in the office this week.
I did love talking to my family even if there were some problems with the internet. But at the end we got it to work.
We have a lot of people that we can go visit now and we just need to find the time to do it. SO that will be fun.

Elder Moore

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