Sunday, May 11, 2014

Goodbye Elder Mejia

So the saddest thing happened this week. Elder Mejia, my comp for 4 months when I was ZL, one of the best missionaries to ever serve, and my favorite comp so far, finished his mission on Tuesday. I seriously almost cried hearing his last testimony in the district meeting and as we said good bye in the airport. I don't cry! I was so sad. The mission will never be the same. Seriously. I guess i need to go so Honduras to meet up with him again. Getting up at 2 in the morning to take him to the airport was tough. Aaron got baptized last week. It is like baptizing Cody Perry. I was super excited. He even had me baptize him. Then on Sunday he got confirmed, interviewed to get the priesthood and then he came with us for 3 hours to visit people and then he went to a meeting to start seminary. He is great.
His cousin was going to get baptized today but she started avoiding us after she passed her interview. Seriously it happens so much! It looks like she is afraid of everyone seeing her and talking about the fact that she is going to church. It's such a petty thing but she won't let us help her solve it!
I'm excited to talk to the family tomorrow. Its gonna be great.
This week we had what was called "the worst storm in 15 years" in Guayaquil. I don't know if that's true but it was pretty bad. We took a taxi to get to interview for Andrea at 5:30. It normaly takes 5-10 minutes to get there so it costs like 1.50. But then we took a taxi and traffic was horrible there were cars that were flooded on the sides of the road and no one was going anywhere fast. We got to know our taxi driver really pretty well. He has traveled the world a bit but doesn't want to get married because he says he's not done yet but hes 38. He's a good guy. He didn't even charge us more for the fact that the drive took forever. We gave him more but he was a good guy. In total it took us 2 and a half HOURS to get there. That's right 2.5 hours when it's normally 8 minutes. How crazy. Then as were were getting out of the taxi Elder Hernandez lost his name tag that he has had for 23 months and didn't notice until the taxi left. So that was gone. He used black tape and whiteout to put his name on one of mine until he got the new one 2 days later. The irony is that he is the one who makes the name tags for the mission and always says "Elder, I've had my name tag for 23 months and have never lost it. You have been here for 5 months. Don't lose your name tag." Oh what irony.
So that pretty much sums up my week. I'm excited for the coming days and know that good things are going to happen. We just gotta keep working.

Elder Mooree

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