Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today is Baptism day! The best day of the week! We have a great young man who is going to get baptized today and he is a copy of Cody Perry! Seriously he reminds me so much of him. I'm not joking. They make the same faces and jokes and it's hilarious. So hanging out with Cody has helped me on my mission.
His cousin was going to get baptized too but there was this fiasco with her interview. She passed one with Elder Mejia but they wanted to give her another. She left more confused and unexcited than she started. So the APs are going to be doing my interview from now on because Elder Mejia finishes his mission on Tuesday and I trusted him with all my other interviews and he did well. Actually our investigator asked that he come back and interview her and not the other one. Can i just tell you how much I'm going to miss Elder Mejia? Best missionary ever. No joke. I was so blessed to be his companion.
Other than that not too much has happened in my life. We couldn't leave too much because of how many records that Elder Delgado had to put in the computer but we got out enough to get our baptism down. and the other one is set for next week. So I'm pretty excited.
Oh but getting the font ready was a challenge. We took time out of Pday to go and empty out the font by hand. We bucketed out the water cause the drain was clogged. It was fun to get to know a couple members better as we did that. Then as we were filling it back up, we ran out of water. So we had to go in the roof and fix the tank. Overall stressful but super great! It only took an hour and a half which really surprised me.
Oh and someone was surprised cause I "live close to Las Vegas but he's so calm and well behaved" I always tell people I live 2 hours from Vegas or else everyone gets confused where I live. Maybe I'll say the Grand Canyon more often now.
But things are really going well here. I am excited and really to have a lot of success here in the office. It's weird that I already have 2 months here. It went by really fast. And it doesn't feel like Mothers Day should be here yet but I'm fine with that. I'm excited.

Elder Moore

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