Sunday, March 30, 2014

Well, Things got better this week

So this week things got way better!
So the other secretary got transferred and now we are just two and I'm getting along with Elder Delgado super super well. He's probably the happiest person on Earth.
We are working super great as a companionship and we found someone 100 percent by the spirit and she accepted a baptismal date and is doing well. We just gotta make sure she goes to conference and to church this week.
We also are helping a less active member get active and hes super excited and his dad his mom and his 3 sisters are listening to us too. We just need to help them through an issue with a member and they will be ready to be baptized. I'm super excited for them.
But I Saw Elder Gould today! It was super great. I was getting scared that I wouldn't get to see him but we ran into each other in the mall.
Oh and this week we got poured on and we didn't have our umbrellas. So we were super soaked. We looked like we had been swimming. It was hilarious.

Elder Moore

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