Sunday, March 23, 2014

Well one more week

So first of all I forgot to tell you guys about when we got in the car crash. We were with President and someone cut him off and he didn't have time to break and rear ended him. Then they guy drove away and presidents car got kinda messed up. It was really similar to when I got rear-ended but his car got messed up because of the spare tire on the back of the other car. So it was crazy. But everything was fine and he should get his car back pretty soon.
I am still in the office and it's pretty weird. I am getting to know everyone . But we haven't had to much time to work on teaching the gospel this week and I'm kinda annoyed but hopefully this week the investigator and her husband will get married.
Things really are pretty normal here. We are just chilling in the office and almost buying tickets for missionaries to go home early and then they are not going home and its just a fun ride. But I am really getting used to the rhythm of the office. I"m excited to keep going.
But I got a stamp to use in the office with my name and the mission address and they got it wrong (They put Eider Moore instead of Elder Moore) but then they fixed it. Fun right? But other than that things are pretty normal.

Oh but as we were studying we figured out that the faith needs to be pretty great to see miracles. Not just the faith that they can happen but the faith that they can happen to yourself. Its crazy to see the missionaries that know miracles can happen but don't think they can happen to them. So we need to focus on the faith that miracles can happen to US and not just to everyone else.

Keep up the good work and i love you guys.

Elder Moore

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