Sunday, March 9, 2014

Getting Into the Swing of Things

I love the view from our 2nd story porch of our house. It is the porch right outside my bed. It is amazing. I can see the Guayquil temple.  Be Jealous.
And today we went to the Giant Jesus Statue that looks over part of Guayaquil. I really enjoyed it. Great view.
As for this week, I don't feel like too much has happened but it was good. We found more time to go out into the sector and work. I have a couple investigators that I am really excited to work with. One is working on getting married and one is a nerd who just hates everything but I bonded with him over Assassins Creed so now he is my buddy and finally read part of the Book of Mormon. I'm excited.
Carnaval was pretty cool. Sunday we were coming home early so that we wouldn't get water or paint or anything else thrown on us and well... We walked by this family and the kids had their buckets of water. The parents saw us and yelled "soak them!" But the kids were afraid and we just walked by. The next two days we were in the office and the home so we weren't in danger at all. Some elders and sisters got soaked but nothing too bad.
I'm alot more in the swing of the office already. I don't feel as useless cause I know how to stay more busy. But it's still a big difference.
Being comps with a Gringo is super hard. I try and speak Spanish and stay focused but its so easy to speak English and talk about stuff that happened back home and different American stuff. Seriously, I now see even better why Gringos should not be with other Gringos. I feel my Spanish is taking some steps back too. But I'm only going to be with him for two more weeks at most.

Elder Moore

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