Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Office

Well as the new secretary. We have had some experiences that reminded me of the TV show the Office. First of all last night we had a bat come in our house and we had to get rid of it. I then remembered when they had a bat of the show. Other than that I just felt that that would be a catchy title to the email and a little connection there. I do see a little bit more but not really.
Being in the office is super different. This week all the missionaries in Guayaquil had interviews with president Dennis. SO we had to plan and be there for all of them. And we aren't done. And we couldn't work in the sector because of that. Its really hard.
I just want to learn the sector and get some work done.
My comps are Elder Gilchrist, from Utah, and Elder Delgado, from Dominican Republic. After I finish the training I will be with Elder Delgado for quite some time. But he's a great guy so I'm not worried at all.
I have been spending a lot of time with the assistant this week cause he doesn't have a comp and I am in trio. We get along well. The other assistant took my place in Gallegos. I guess I was just that good. just kidding.
But this week is Carnaval. It starts today and we have to be home early tonight and tomorrow and we can't go out at all Monday and Tuesday. So we will just be chilling in the house. But I am glad cause we have 6 in our house so it will be funner.

We havent taught this week but we will get out tomorrow and tonight we can't cause of carnaval. We did have the 4 baptisms and i got to baptize one. I will send pictures later. I am learning alot from Pres. Dennis.

Elder Moore

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