Monday, February 24, 2014

Well I am getting transfered

So this morning President called me into the office to talk to him. I was in shock. I had no idea why. That is when he told me that Elder Gilchrist was going to train me to be the new secretary of the mission. So I will be in the office. My pday will be Saturday from now on. So letters on different days . Cool right? Everyone says I'm going to get fat cause everyone gets fatter in the office. But I'm hoping not. Oh and I will be in the same zone just a different ward. I will have been assigned to work in 4 of the 8 wards in the stake. Crazy right?
This week was crazy. again. On Monday we played soccer again and after I went with Elder Pumba to his sector. That night the assistants called and said that we needed to go to the terminal to get his new comp. His new comp is Elder Paredes who was my comp. So it's cool to have him in the zone again.
We had to do divisions a bunch this week so that we could look for houses in our sector and in two other sectors. It has been crazy.
But our baptisms fell for the fact that this week was elections for the mayor of Guayaquil and everyone has to vote. So the ward hour got changed and so they couldn't get confirmed so we changed the baptisms to Wednesday morning. I got permission to go back and Baptize too.
Other than that things are going well and we will keep on working hard to get everyone to keep working. As a zone we had 24 confirmations and its the highest since Jan. 2013. So good right?
I'll write more Saturday.

Elder Moore

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