Monday, February 3, 2014

Well, we are in trio again

So this week has had its ups and its downs. But this was a week to remember. First of all I have a new compaion. His name is Elder Mezarina from Lima. Seriously I can not stop getting Peruvian compaions. We are training him. So I now have 3 Peruvian sons and a Peruvian Father. Am I actually Peruvian?
Things are going pretty well here. We have a family that is super excited about the church. It's a mom and her 2 sons. They should get baptized the 15th. We have some other families that are a little bit lukewarm. But I am excited to see what all we can do.
As a zone we had 11 confirmations this week. So we are starting off the month strong. It's good cause we have the goal as a zone to have 40 converts this month. We really are doing well already. We have 6 or 7 more this week and then we need to see how the rest go. I really am excited though. Just everyone pray for us.
I don't know how it happened but I forgot about the Super Bowl until I was going to bed Sunday Night. Crazy right? Nothing like me.
Overall things are going well and I know they will keep getting better. I only have fear that I will not be here in the zone to see us get 40. But who knows these days.
Oh and Elder Waddell is going to come this week to the mission and it should be really cool. I'm thinking puro machete for all of the wicked elders-But not really. I'm hoping to get some great spiritual advice.

Elder Moore

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