Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, here we are at the end of the month

So this month was one that I will remember forever. Lots of BIG news and just a crazy month. Started with New Years, I got sick, The rain started, and we had a crazy month as a zone.
We went from really good to normal to bad to normal and back around pretty much nonstop this week. We had the goal as a zone to break the record. But sadly a lot of little stuff happened and we didn't even get close. We got pretty much the same as last month. Which isn't bad but we didn't have the growth that I was hoping for. But this next month we will break a record.
We had two baptisms this week. One from the ward 9 de Enero. They don't have missionaries so we went and contacted a reference and she got baptized 2 weeks later. Super great. We had a small Noche Blanca there. 5 baptisms in 3 wards. It was cool.
Then Sunday morning the daughter of a member less active got baptized. It went well but started late (like everything here) and so the bishop wasn't happy. But nothing too big.
But I didn't transfer this week and doubt we will have transfers here for a bit. I think Pres. wants better numbers before changing too much.
Um so there was a kid who thought I was chinese cause I'm from Utah. He said Utah in a chinese accent and it worked. So I just laughed.
There are always other stories to tell but I forget when I get to the computer. But hopefully everything ends up well.

Elder Moore

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