Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1 year

Well I passed my year mark this week. It was Thursday. But the thing is I didn't even pass it with my companions or in my own sector. But the entire day in a exchange. Cause there is an elder that fought with his comp and so there were emergency transfers on Monday. So all week we did exchanges with him. I was there Tuesday, Wednesday night, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning. It was long. The worst part was that I couldn't do anything to celebrate or even write in my journal cause i didnt have it. I was going to burn the year shirt but I never got the chance. I might do it this week. But the worst was that it was Thursday (my year mark) that they companions went to the temple with our investigators. So I couldn't even go. I spent the day knocking doors and going up the hills. It was tough. We will get back to normal this week and fix everything.
Our baptisms fell through cause she felt too pressured to get baptized. She said she wants to but on her own time. But her neighbor is going to get baptized this week so she will think about it this week.
Also a lady who has wanted to get baptized for years is going to get baptized Saturday too. Her husband never wanted to get married and they finally got planning on it but then he left. 30 years together and he left. But now she can get baptized and she's really excited.
We are breaking records as a mission now we just need to do it as a zone.

Elder Moore

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